Soft & Rigid body in Cinema 4D

A test of rigid and soft body in Cinema 4D. There’s a soft simulation glitch in the end, but that’s how i learn something. It’s not for a real project, so i don’t bother to re-render and re-simulate again. After all, a little error gives a learning process more interesting..
I learn a lot from GSG tuts..
check out the website..
have fun..:)

Cinema 4D | Cloner Object

Another test with cloner object in Cinema 4D. I used depth map generated by cinema also to play with the DoF. Using the frischluft depth of field in AE, it gives flexibility to control the blur and focus area. If there’s no frischluft Dof effect in your AE, don’t worry because “lens blur” effect can also be used and it’s a default effect, not a 3rd party plugin. Yes, It’s so much fun..:D