Sketch Animation

Sketch Animation

What is a sketch?

noun: sketch; plural noun: sketches
  1. 1.
    a rough or unfinished drawing or painting, often made to assist in making a more finished picture.
    “a charcoal sketch”
    synonyms: (preliminary) drawing, outline; More

    diagram, design, plan;
    “a sketch of the proposed design”
    • a brief written or spoken account or description of someone or something, giving only basic details.
      “a biographical sketch of Ernest Hemingway”
      synonyms: outline, brief description, rundown, main points, thumbnail sketch, (bare) bones; More

      summary, synopsis, summarization, précis, résumé, wrap-up
      “she gave a rough sketch of what had happened”
      description, portrait, profile, portrayal, depiction
      “a biographical sketch”
    • a rough or unfinished version of any creative work.
  2. 2.
    a short humorous play or performance, consisting typically of one scene in a comedy program.
    synonyms: skit, scene, piece, act, item, routine

    “a hilarious sketch”

Furniture Catalogue

Furniture catalogue

“catalog or catalogue”

[kat-l-awg, -og]
1. a list or record, as of items for sale or courses at a university, systematically arranged    and often including descriptive material: a stamp catalog.
2. something that contains such a list or record, as a book, leaflet, or file.
3. a list of the contents of a library or a group of libraries, arranged according to any of various systems.

4. any list or record:

a catalog of complaints.