Sinedot Plugin Test

Using Sinedot , free plugin for After effect. Great result and it’s fun.. 🙂 Advertisements

Cinema 4D | The Vine

Trying to make vine-like, fits for a background graphics, or many other things. I used sweep nurbs and path. Many tuts online, so i guess it’s not hard to find.

Title and Action Safe in AE

Recently, i got a project which viewed in Full HD 1920×1080 resolution and also on standard 720×576. Apparently, AE CS3 which I’m using isn’t coming with double preview, both HD and SD. Luckily, AE CS5 has this feature. So, I made masks in CS5 and imported it into CS3. I’d love to work fully in…

3D Rubik Model

From my recent project, kids-theme. This one is one of many other assets I created, including color pencils, sudoku cube, paper plane, landscape with trees, house and even the smiley sun.. 😀 Created in Maya 2011. Who knows it might be also useful for your projects..:)

Bokeh background in AE

Created in AE CS3 with Trapcode particular and frishluft out o focus plugin. Also, VC Optical flare to light the scene.

Trapcode Form Background Test

A test to create graphics in Trapcode particular. It could be very useful as a background, video overlay or transitions. You can place text, or masking the graphics out to be used as a video overlay. The blending mode is also something to play with. Many interesting effects could be achieved this way, deliberately or…

Underwater Effect in AE

A test i did with Psunami plugin to create underwater scene. I think it was a Digital Anarchy’s product but now it’s under the Red giant software line-up. You can read the new psunami plugin under Red giant here. It’s a quick way to create ocean inside after effects and has many features, including sky…