re-design the concept!


This is another version of my earlier concept. I tried to give different colors to see how it looks like. Somehow, i like this colorful color better, just because the bright and cheerful colors seem relaxing, although i put little bit too high in term of saturation. well, it’s a concept that needs to be developed further. I’m still thinking how to change this design, fast and giving a new look. After all, most of the times, the client loves choices, don’t they?
I Used Zaxwerks 3D serpentine for the background, read here for more info.

New Ident concept..

A concept for the ID re-branding project. Let’s see what i’ve created so far. The basic idea is creating an ID for a family channel. Something fresh and calm, relax feel is the main subject here. With the basic theme color idea, I chose orange, just because it offers a fresh look for a whole concept for a family channel. White borders gives cartoony, funny and relax feel to the graphics animation. Nothing fancy with the movement and so forth, just a subtle animation with a depth of field (dof) effect from the AE camera. Elements made using AE plugin, Zaxwerks 3D serpentine and 3D text using Zaxwerks Pro Animator.

>ID concept


It’s been a while since i made a package consists of several graphics that often used at TV station. This is just a “starter-pack” that could go beyond even further. The changes could be, including but not limited to the color theme, background, additional elements, camera view and the sequence itself. I’ve been thinking and challenging my self to create a design that could be customized easily. This idea has been particularly influenced by lots and lots of graphics templates out there on the net. So, why don’t i create it myself?