Soft & Rigid body in Cinema 4D

A test of rigid and soft body in Cinema 4D. There’s a soft simulation glitch in the end, but that’s how i learn something. It’s not for a real project, so i don’t bother to re-render and re-simulate again. After all, a little error gives a learning process more interesting.. I learn a lot from GSG tuts.. check out the website.. have fun..:) Continue reading Soft & Rigid body in Cinema 4D

Motion Track Test 03

My first test using mocha for AE CS5. It is a planar tracker. I usually use point tracker, ex: PFHoe or syntheyes, but this time I’d wanna give a try. I’m still trying to figure out which button do this and that, but the Imagineer channel is definitely a good place to start. Check out their site or the Youtube Channel Have fun 😀 Continue reading Motion Track Test 03

Motion Track Test 01

Camera : Canon 550D 18-55 mm Footage: 1280 x 720 50 pfs Pipeline : PFhoe-Maya-AE-Vegas Lessons from the test 1. Too shaky footage makes harder to track 2. Markers did a pretty good job, although slightly wiggles in the end 3. Considering using steady cam to gain more control 4. HD footage makes it heavy to process, at least with my comp..:)) Anyway, it’s been fun 😀 Continue reading Motion Track Test 01