BABE Storyboard

A 2D animation project, starts with this storyboard…. can you tell the story by looking at this ? let me know what you think… 🙂

>Animation Compilation

> So, these are the animations that i have been working on while i was in college, doing some walk-cycle, lip-sinc, sneak-cycle. Yes, it needs alot of improvement, and that’s why i’m here, writing and posting this, because i believe in good and constructive comments are very essential. Besides, it’s a never-ending learning…Agree?

>Character animation

> This is the character that i was working on for my class project. I was trying to make it moves not very stiff, but still there are some limitations with the rig. Since it’s my first rig and character model, I can say i learned alot from this project and it turned out to…